The war on territories

· End times

Shalom, Friends, I hope all is well.

The war on territories

Earth is God's creation(Genesis 1:10), At the beginning, God gave Adam dominion over Earth( Genesis 26:1), but since Adam sinned, Satan took His ownership.( The father gave dominion to the son( Adam), but the son sinned and His dominion was forfeited / or stolen by the enemy)

God chose the Jews, and sanctify them, because they kept the Sabbath day, through their line, God saved a seed of Adam before He sinned, that would be the form/body that Jesus took on when He was birth through the virgin Mary(Isaiah 7:14). God made a covenant with Adam, that with 5500 years God will send His son Jesus Christ to take up the sins of the world and break the curse.

During these times, there are good and bad angels. The Bad angels started to build their own creation, creating hybrids Nephilim. The evil Angels took the woman and impregnated them, the woman was abducted in the days of Noah( Genesis 6:4), but they are still doing it today. The tares grew up with the wheat(Matthew 13:30 )( Humans and Hybrid-humans/ clones/ synthetics grew up together)

Satan and their demons moved freely through their gateways, God flooded a few of Satan's and friends' gateways and when Jesus Christ went to Hell, He took all the keys. When Jesus took their keys, this slow down their plans for years, until 2008 they started to open small portals through particle accelerators since there are many around the world.

During the old testament God went into many battles to bring His people into the promised land, and God fought to take back His territory. Jesus at the cross took back dominion, and the same dominion is given to the believers. Due to the darkness increasing the scales have been unbalanced.

When we pray loose God, let God's will be done, God's righteousness reigns on earth and the things that are in the darkness be exposed by the light in Jesus Christ's name.

Satan and the Ancient gods are planning to build an army against God, they want a place outside of time. Satan and Ancient gods want the Christians of this world, they hate us because we will ascend and they will not. Earth is a time bond. God will only allow them to do so much destruction until Jesus Christ returns in a physical form with some believers and Angels and with one word Satan's Army will be gone. Satan will be bound for 1000 years and the Antichrist and false prophet will be thrown into the lake of fire. Jesus's will start His millennium Kingdom, to finish the work that Adam couldn't complete. Every knee will bow down when the King returns. God will create a new heaven and earth. Seek God for understanding, have an eye-opening day and God loves you.