The shedding of blood # The power

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The shedding of blood # The power

We do communion to remember what Jesus did for us at the cross

Matthew 26:26-29( We eat the flesh and drink the blood)

Because of the shedding of Jesus Christ’s blood, we have access to that power.

This blood purifies us and wash away our sins and help us to fight spiritual battles.

Now the devil mimics God, they also have a ritual of eating the flesh and drinking the blood, but they do this literally, they drink the blood of animal or humans, and they eat the flesh of humans or animal, or any defile things to gain power, but if they can get there hands on innocent one like children, they gain more power.

The blood is life, because God’s place that blood inside of our body, that makes you very special, and a target since the
enemy want’s your blood.