The Jezebel Wife


Shalom Friends, I hope all is well with you.Ezekiel 16:15(NKJV) "But you trusted in your own beauty, played the harlotbecause of your fame, and poured out your harlotry on everyone passing by whowould have it." 

Jerusalem-The Jezebel wife 

Jerusalem was referred to as an unfaithfulwife/adulterous wife( Ezekiel 18:32), God gave them everything, yet they turnedaway from Him, worship other gods.

 They cared more about their appearances, power,love of money than turning to God. God brought Judgment on their land. When Godgave you over 3000 promises, He is always the faithful one in the relationship,are you turning towards Him, or are you turning away from Him? God hates the controlling Jezebel spirit, God hates idols. God said "You shall have noother God before me. Have you ever made God number one in your life? I don'twant to test God nor became an unfaithful bride. 

Live your life as a living sacrifice for God.When God said no, then it's no, don't change a no into a yes. Trust in God, Hesees the view that you cannot see. Stand before God spotless, allow God tostrip away the layers of make-up, jewelry, fake hair, fake clothes, fake nails,but come to the Throne room boldly as the spotless Bride made cleaned by JesusChrist's blood. Have an eye-opening day and God loves you.