Ezra's vision of the Eagle


Shalom Friends, I hope all is well. Lookingat the Apocryphal books of 2 Ezra looking how the eagle represents America.[2Ezra 11:1-6] and how the eagle becomes part of Daniel's 4 beasts. 

The Bald Eagle is the emblem of the UnitedStates of America, it represents great strength. 

According to Ezra's vision, This eagle has 3 heads with 12 long feathers and 8 short feathers. She spread her wings over theearth, the 3 heads are sleeping but still moving.  

This means 20 presidents representing thefeathers long and short will reign for a specific time, each one after theother, some will reign for a short while and others for a longer period. Theeagle heads sleeping means the deep state, the cabal, the people working inbackground puling the stings, but is unseen to the public. Those presidents whostopped to take orders from the eagle heads got cut off. 

12 long feathers /12 presidents starting fromHebert Hover to Barack Obama( Excluding Kennedy and Nixon for long feathers).The 8 short feathers ( means presidents that didn't complete their term]1. JFKennedy, 2.Richard M Nixon, 3. Donald J Trump( Trump will come back for asecond term, this will cause the 2 eagle heads to devour one another, only one head will remain), 4. Joseph R Biden, 5. ?6. ?7:? & 8:? 

Since feather 5,6,7 & 8 is unknown thequestion arises will the antichrist comes from America, the middle east, orEurope? 

From the 8 feather short feathers, 2 willperish, 4 shall be kept until their end begin to approach and 2 shall be kept unto the end. The eagle will rule and the feathers will no longer be in chargeof the Kingdom. The Eagle will go up in flames. Have an eye-opening day and God loves you!