[End time series] Jesus' Christ second coming!

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Shalom friends, I hope you're smiling. 2Peter 3:4 (NKJV)" and saying, “Where is the promise of His coming? Forsince the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were fromthe beginning of creation.” 

[End time series] Jesus' Christ second coming!  

Key things to look out for: 

1. Jesus will return after the 7-yeartribulation (Revelation 19:14 & (Daniel 9:24-27& 12:11-12.) 

2.The Heavens will open up (Acts 1:11 &Revelation 1:7 ) 

3. Jesus will be becoming as the Lion ofJudah on a white horse(Isaiah 11:6 & Revelation 19:11-16) 

4. Jesus will have on a robe dripped in Hisblood(Revelation 19:11-16) 

5. Jesus will be coming back with the saints(Jude1:14:15)to fight the battle of Armageddon(Jude 14-15, Revelation 16:16 & Revelation19:11-16 ) 

6. Jesus will set His foot on Israel -Mountof Olives and the mountain will be split in 2(Joel 3:17, Joel 2:1-2, Hebrews12:22-23 & Revelation 14:1)  

God wants us to look at the times and thesigns so that we will not be fooled by the antichrist, God is specific on HowJesus Christ will return or one can say when the day of the Lord will come again, No man will know the day nor the hour, but the season and thesigns(Matthew 24:42).  

Jesus's second coming will bring Judgments onthe wicket and set up His Kingdom of Heaven on earth via the 1000 reign ofJesus Christ. Have an eye-opening day and God loves you!